Light Painting

As a final requirement for my Basic Photography class, we were required to take any creative concept using Light Painting. This is my concept entitled “Happy Hour”. Using an LED flashlight, I illuminated the three bottles. I also used a light stick for the red and green light streaks in the background. I positioned the the camera in such a way that the subject is in an oblique orientation to give the impression of energy and happiness. Light painting is done in a dark room or area and a very long exposure.

PS: I was actually not confident in this work. I felt I could do much better work than this for a final project if not for the hectic schedule and limited time. On a brighter light, my prof showed me my pre-final grade and he congratulated me for topping the class. I hope I can maintain my grade. I’m gonna miss going to photography class, for sure. 


Your thoughts?

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