Out From the Dark

Hey there, guys! (LOL. As if this blog has so many followers.) Anyway, after a long… long… while of not posting anything here, I finally had the time and the energy to post up something. And by ‘something’, I mean just random thoughts I have in mind that’s worth rambling on to fill the dispiriting barrenness of this space.

As what I posted some two months ago, I was planning to jazz up this blog by varying content and making it more conversational and personalized rather than just posting and discussing photos. I don’t have a photography class anymore and I go to school six days a week so I basically have no more quality time with my camera to take pictures worth sharing. Allow me then to talk about myself and the things I do as a way of re-introducing and reviving this blog.

I am Clyde Salloman, 20. I’m currently working my butt off for a degree in Multimedia Arts in the De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde here in Manila, Philippines. Yea, that’s right. I am into the awesome world of arts so expect me to post more about it in the weeks ahead but for now, I want to share something intimate—a story don’t usually tell people about me and the lessons I hold dear.

Here’s my story.

When I was little, I told my parents I wanted to become a doctor. “I want to cure sick and poor people,” I would usually tell them.

When I was in grade school, when everyone else was busy making and playing with paper planes, I had this vision of myself defending a victim of injustice inside the noble halls of a court. I wanted to become a lawyer.

During high school, I was so convinced that I would become an engineer. It didn’t even matter which type anymore. I just wanted to become one as that is what almost everyone else in a science high school wants to be.

After high school, I was practically undecided on what course to take. I felt like I want to do several things that choosing one specific field is so tough of a task. All I knew is that I wanted to be like my cousin who was doing very well at accountancy. So, anyway, I settled on accountancy.

The first year was fine. I got myself an academic scholarship, topped departmental exams and represented the school in debate cups. During my latter years, however, I felt like I wasn’t happy anymore. All this energy and enthusiasm for education practically drained out. I fell into severe depression and it was basically one of the unhappiest times of my life. Long after so many struggles of soul searching, finding self-identity and recuperating my self-esteem, I realized that I can’t be somewhere I’m not happy. Life is too short to dwell in something sad and unhealthy. I wanted a complete paradigm shift. I wanted to pursue my juvenile interest in video production and arts. I want to serve my passion.

After much convincing and trying to regain my parents’ trust and confidence, I finally got their nods.

And so now, I am here in one of the best art schools in the country, taking up a degree that I love doing. And I must say, everything’s going just fine!

So I guess the lessons I want to share to you are…

  1. Know yourself—your strengths and weaknesses. Play to your strengths but don’t be afraid to confront your weaknesses so you won’t miss out on the possible things you might just love doing. It is through this way that you will know what you really want to do in life.
  2. That while there’s nothing inherently wrong with being well-rounded, being a master at something is still way better than just being a jack of all trades.
  3. And lastly, be in your happy place. Chase it. Pursue it. And most importantly, live your happiness. No one’s gonna do it for you other than yourself.

Your thoughts?

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